Happy National Pet Day! April 11, 2018 14:56

In honor of National Pet Day, I bring you Jethro and Rosie, our two fur kids!  

National Pet Day pic of dogs Jethro and Rosie

Jethro is a big boy, 85 pounds, and he rescued us 9 years ago when he was 1.  He’s a big sweetie, and he loves to vocalize his feelings, especially at meal time and walk time!  He’s a bit goofy and his name definitely fits his personality.  

When he was younger, he loved to play ball.  The only problem was, he didn’t like to give the ball back.  We came up with the “2 ball game” where we would throw one and lure him to drop it by showing him the other ball. That worked for a while, but somehow he always ended up with both balls in his mouth.  We became curious as to how many he could hold in his mouth, so we kept tossing ball after ball, until he had 5 in his mouth!  He never did bring all those balls back...

Now Jethro is 10, but he’s only slowed down a little.  He can still crush a 4+ mile hike, and chase the neighbors’ puppy all over the place.

Rosie is a mid sized 30 pound heeler mix who rescued us 2 years ago when she was 1.  Rosie is an acquired taste, meaning if she decides she likes you, you can pet her.  We like to joke that she’s part cat, because of her sometimes cagey personality and the fact that she often climbs onto the back of the couch to get a better view.  

She is fiercely loyal to us, and I do mean fierce!  If we encounter people or dogs when we’re out walking in the neighborhood, she becomes obsessed with keeping us safe. We can’t let her off leash for this reason.

When we’re at home, though, she is a snuggly lover, often hopping up onto my chair behind me when I’m working.  She’ll nudge under my arm until I stop what I’m doing and pet her.

We love our pets and can’t imagine our life without them.  I’d love to hear about your pets!  Leave a comment below about your fur babies!

Happy National Pet Day!