Stone Pendant Necklaces

These bold stone pendants, handcrafted into beautiful necklaces, are available in a wide selection of colors, shapes, and styles.  The Selkirk and Durango Trails pendants pictured below are perfect for any outdoor enthusiast!

The Durango Trails handmade stone pendant necklaces include naturally weathered stones found on my favorite biking trails.  I've wire wrapped these stones with silver, copper, or bronze to create outdoor inspired pendant necklaces. 

The Selkirk pendant necklaces showcase bold, colorful designs.  These stones, which I found on the shores of Lake Ontario, feature naturally tumbled stones, wire wrapped and strung with chain, silk ribbon or semi-precious stone beads.

Those of you with more exotic tastes may be interested in the Himalayan pendant Collection, made with bold stone and silver pendants.   

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